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Pico Mixed-Use

This Mixed-Use development at 10606-12 Pico Blvd thrives within a 'Transit Oriented Community,' a hub where growth is encouraged to rejuvenate the 'main street' atmosphere of West LA. Boasting three spacious commercial units occupying the ground floor, adorned with expansive storefront windows and a captivating penny tile façade, the Pico-Mixed-Use promises a vibrant pedestrian experience.

Comprising of forty-nine studios and one two-bedroom apartment, the residential segment of the project provides housing the community greatly needs. Leveraging TOC incentives, the building ascends from three stories to five, enhancing its presence in the skyline. The façade, meticulously crafted, adds a distinctive touch with its arched windows and elegant tile bands.

Nestled on the second floor, a charming courtyard serves as a delightful communal retreat, offering both privacy and a breath of fresh air to all residents. Completing the ensemble, a rooftop oasis awaits, adorned with a labyrinth of lush planters and inviting seating areas, perfect for fostering community connections and gatherings.

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