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South Pasadena Studio

An artist known for her portraits and landscapes wanted to create a multi-function accessory structure at the rear of her lot largely to serve as a painting studio, as well as an ancillary garage, a pool house, future play room and to provide an end to their large property for her family. The structure is based on the size required to house 4 cars and carried to its maximum allowable height of 15'-0". One bay is given over to "closed" functions and accommodates storage, a clean-up area, a bathroom, and an office loft. Several strategies for the roof were proposed during a stringent Design Review process. The final, curved version represents the desire to embrace and wrap the space in addition to reducing the scale of the large structure from the house. The studio is anchored in the garden by the column of an outdoor fireplace which offers warmth after a swim on summer nights.

Photo Credit: Eric Staudenmaier

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