Warren Techentin Architecture (WTARCH) is an award winning, multi-disciplinary office which believes that architecture and urbanism must embrace design strategies that fulfill the needs of our clients while also considering the larger design context, community and environment. Our work explores the unseen conditions of a site and seeks to uncover and leverage its latent possibilities to create buildings and environments that aspire to be site-specific, atmospheric, unique, and surprising.

Our interdisciplinary method draws from and seeks new ways to integrate materials, construction techniques, and technology into architecture to provide freshness to form and space while simultaneously balancing immediate and future needs for energy, maintenance and upgrades. WTARCH seeks connections between outside and inside - in visual, physical, and cultural terms - while also employing as primary architectural elements strategies for new methods of introducing natural ventilation and light alongside passive techniques of heating and cooling. WTARCH recognizes and promotes the interdependence of buildings within their expanded context, and asks broader questions about their role in the life of the community, and of their long-term sustainability

  • 2015
    • > AIA California Chapter Honor Award: 2015, La Cage aux Folles
    • > Azure AtoZ Award of Merit, Temporary and Demonstration: 2015, La Cage aux Folles
    • > Architizer A+ Award: Finalist Pop-Ups and Temporary: 2015, La Cage aux Folles
    • > International Design Award, Silver Medal, Other Architectural Designs: 2015, La Cage aux Folles
  • 2014
    • > LA / AIA Design Citation Award: 2014, La Cage aux Folles
  • 2013
    • > AIA California Chapter Design Merit Award: 2013, Montrose Duplex
  • 2012
    • > LA / AIA Design Merit Award: 2012, Antelope Valley Residence
    • > LA / AIA Design Citation Award: 2012, Wallpaper* Getaway Residence
    • > Residential Architect Design Merit Award: Best Outbuilding: 2012, Montrose Duplex
  • 2011
  • 2009
    • > LA / AIA Design Citation Award : 2009, Montrose Duplex
  • 2002
    • > LA / AIA Design Merit Award: 2002, NAI Exhibit - Silent Collisions: Morphosis Retrospective
    • > NEA Grant: 2002 - Dead Malls Architectural Competition, Exhibition & Publication (w/ LA Forum)
  • 1995
    • > The Faculty Design Award in Architecture, Harvard University
  • 1990
    • > Peerless Lighting Corp. Award in Architecture, UC Berkeley
    • > The Eisner Prize in Architecture, UC Berkeley
  • Warren Techentin, AIA, LEED-ap
    Born in Pasadena, California, Warren Techentin, is a licensed Architect and the founder and principal of Warren Techentin Architecture (WTARCH). Warren’s work is informed by his long standing interest and study of urbanism, performative infrastructures, and pop culture and their effect on the form, space, color, sustainability, and the participatory dimension of architecture. His design expertise includes single-family residences, multi-family housing, commercial/institutional spaces, and educational projects. Additionally, his design process seeks to integrate new technologies to create responsive environments, active and passive ventilation strategies, and sustainable systems. Warren frequently serves on architectural committees and juries throughout North America and Europe and is actively involved in a variety of Architectural and philanthropic organizations. He has been an Executive Board Member and a past President of the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, where he has directed several competitions and events, including “DEAD MALLS: an architectural ideas competition,” in 2002-2003, which was funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Previous to WTARCH, Warren was co-principal of Techentin Buckingham Architecture from 2001-2010. His professional background also includes positions at Morphosis in Santa Monica, CA; Selldorf Architects in New York, NY; and positions with other firms in New York, Boston, Paris, Tokyo, and London. Warren is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Southern California where he teaches multi-family design studios, degree project design studios, graduate comprehensive design studios, and lectures on urbanism. He has also held positions at Arizona State, the University of British Columbia, the Boston Architectural Center, and Harvard University. Warren holds a BA in Architecture from the University of California Berkeley, a Masters of Architecture (MArch), and a Masters of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD), both from Harvard University.
  • Ian Witarsa
    Ian was born in Minnesota, and raised in Indonesia and Australia and is a longtime associate of WTARCH. Ian is a Project Architect and his expertise includes 2D and 3D digital design, drawing, and modeling. Among many things, he is responsible for advanced modeling of WTARCH’s ongoing projects, management of the office’s information technology systems, including technical aspects of network management, hardware deployment, and maintenance. Ian’s design work at WTARCH includes single and multi-family residential projects.
  • Matt Gehm
    Matt Gehm is a project designer at WTARCH and received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree from the University of Southern California in 2014. His involvement with WTARCH includes competition design, along with a number of important housing projects. His skill set includes 2D and 3D digital design, parametric design, and visual representation.
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