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  • Lecture: Venice Biennale “Sessions” . May 28, 2018. Venice, Italy. Presentation of student work from Warren's USC studio in Sessions Pavilion.

  • Exhibition: Venice Biennale “Sessions Work”. May-Nov 2018. Venice, Italy. Student work from Warren's USC studio in conjunction with RMIT organized studio.

  • Exhibition: “Architectural Pavilions: Experiments and Artifacts”. Museum of Craft and Design. June 24, 2017 - January 07, 2018. San Francisco, CA.


  • Lecture: “Piping”. Museum of Craft and Design. June 24, 2017. San Francisco, CA.

  • The American House. Book by Hannah Jenkins, Images Publishing, Melbourne, Australia 2017. Featuring the Hollywood Hills Home “Hollywood”. Pp.40-43.

  • Art of the Times: JUL/AUG 2017. Review of “Architectural Pavilions” by Christine Davis. Florida, 2017. Pp.14-16.


  • Los Angeles Design Festival. June 23, 2016 with Oyler/Wu, StandardLA, Project M+Tour: WTARCH offices.

  • Exhibition: “The Large Model”. University of Southern California. Mar 2016 - May 2016. Los Angeles, CA.


  • The Los Angeles Times: August 22, 2015. “Latest Newport Beach Sculptures to be Unveiled Sept 12th” by Amy Senk.

  • The Orange County Register: July 9, 2015. “Newport Beach Adding Ten Sculptures to Park” by Megan Nicolai.

  • Exhibition: “Sculpture in Civic Center Park”. September 12, 2015 - September, 2017. Newport Beach Civic Center Sculpture Park. Newport Beach, CA.

  • Exhibition: “SHELTER: Rethinking How we Live in Los Angeles”. August 20-November 6, 2015. A+D Architecture and Design Museum. Los Angeles, CA.

  • Exhibition: “Waiting for Guggenheim”. April 6-13, 2015. Second Floor Gallery, USC School of Architecture. Los Angeles, CA.

  • Discussion: “Waiting for Guggenheim (Waiting for Godot)”. April 8th, 2015 Lower Rosendin Gallery, USC School of Architecture, Los Angeles, CA with Aaron Neubert, Lorcan O’Herlihy, Patrick Tighe, Wes Jones, Yo Hakamori, Chris Warren, Alvin Hwang. Moderated by Stephen Phillips.

  • Exhibition: “La Cage aux Folles" Newport Beach Civic Center Sculpture Park. September 12, 2015 - September, 2017. Newport Beach, CA.

  • Interior Design: Close Up. Book by Domenic Bradbury. Thames & Hudson, London 2015. Featuring the Los Feliz Home “Tree House”. Pp.249-251.

  • Exhibition: “SHELTER: Rethinking How we Live in Los Angeles” A+D Architecture and Design Museum. August 20-November 6, 2015. Los Angeles, CA

  • Exhibition: “Waiting for Guggenheim” USC School of Architecture Gallery. Los Angeles, CA



  • Exhibition: “A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California” The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles. 2JUN - 18SEP2013 at the Geffen Contempory.

  • A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California. Book edited by Christopher Mount. Skira Rizzoli Publications, New York and MOCA, Los Angeles. 2013.


  • Paisea: Paisajismo Landscape Architecture 021: La Calle2 (The Street 2), JUN 2012, “TAB: Street 2020: Tallinn, Estonia.” Published by Editorial Gustavo Gili S.L. Barcelona, Spain. Pp. 092-099.




  • Living West: New Residential Architecture in Southern California, 2009. Sam Lubell. Monachelli Press, New York, NY. pp. 68-76 (A book about Southern Californian residential design featuring WTARCH's work)

  • Grand Designs Magazine: OCT 2009. "LA Confidential" by Domenic Bradbury and Richard Powers (photographer). London, UK. pp. 68-76

  • California Home + Design: SEP/OCT 2009. "Ten to Watch: Techentin Buckingham Architecture: Architects of Composition" by Lydia Lee and Bridger Nielsen (photographer). San Francisco, CA. pp. 102

  • AZURE Magazine: SEP 2009. "A Detailed Look: 24 Ideas from Inspired Designers" by Tory Healy and Nelda Rogers. Toronto, Canada. pp. 60-70 (Elements of the Los Feliz Residence featured in a design ideas article)

  • Casas Resturadas, 2009. Ethel Baraona Pohl, ed. Reditar Libros, S.L., Barcelona, Spain. pp. 20-35 (A book about remodeled homes featuring the Los Feliz Residence)





  • Los Angeles Times Magazine: APR 2001. "Young Architects." Los Angeles, CA

  • GA Architecture: PROJECT 2001. "Sun Valley House." Tokyo, Japan. (Project)


  • Journal of Architectural Education: NOV 1999. "Weather Register." pp. 100-114. (Student work; w/ An Te Liu, C. MacDonald, and E. Shotten)


  • Trace Magazine: 1998. "Mobile Global Housing." Vancouver, Canada. (Project)


  • Studio Works 3: 1995. "Of Nomads and Capitalists." (Thesis Project @ Harvard Design School)


  • Studio Works 2: 1994. "Hotel Complex." (Project for Toshiko Mori Studio @ Harvard Design School)


  • Studio Works 1: 1993. "Metal House." (Project for Diane Lewis Studio @ Harvard Design School)

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