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Warren Techentin Architecture (WTARCH) is an award winning, multi-disciplinary office which believes that architecture and urbanism must embrace design strategies that fulfill the needs of our clients while also considering the larger design context, community and environment. Our work explores the unseen conditions of a site and seeks to uncover and leverage its latent possibilities to create buildings and environments that aspire to be site-specific, atmospheric, unique, and surprising.


Our interdisciplinary method draws from and seeks new ways to integrate materials, construction techniques, and technology into architecture to provide freshness to form and space while simultaneously balancing immediate and future needs for energy, maintenance and upgrades. WTARCH seeks connections between outside and inside - in visual, physical, and cultural terms - while also employing as primary architectural elements strategies for new methods of introducing natural ventilation and light alongside passive techniques of heating and cooling. WTARCH recognizes and promotes the interdependence of buildings within their expanded context, and asks broader questions about their role in the life of the community, and of their long-term sustainability.




WTARCH is a LBE, LSB, SLB, EBE, SBE-Proprietary and VSBW office.

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