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Arcturus Offices

Seeking to align themselves with the new business models of the technology sector, Arcturus — a Pasadena, CA venture capital firm named after the dominant star of the Little Bear constellation — wanted offices which were simultaneously "business casual" yet "starched". The striped reception desk was originally inspired by the shirts of one of the partners. But the idea of a striped desk expanded into a paean to six materials traditionally found in the investment business: wood paneling, desktop linoleum, green glass similar to old bankers' lamps, the color of money, formica, and rubber molding. The desk becomes a centerpiece for the theme "everything old is new again," embodying both the traditions of the industry yet pointing to this company's innovation. Simple CNC-milled oak wall panels define the entry and are inscribed by a cluster of constellations, as well as the star Arcturus itself, and serves as a minimal diagram of the synergistic business practice of the company.

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Photo Credit: Eric Staudenmaier

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