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Originally from New York’s West Village, the Dogpound is a fast-growing personal training gym which caters to many high-end clientele and celebrities. WTARCH worked with the Dogpound team and ARAPC to permit and coordinate construction for the opening of their new branch in West Hollywood, California. Raw materials such as concrete floors, brick siding and black rubber mats are contrasted with clean detailing, up lighting, and smoked glass mirrors throughout. The driveway and parking garage are meant to mimic the New York City street for sled training and tire flips, similar to the original gym. 20-foot-wide “Big Ass Fans” create accents in the ceiling, while providing sufficient air circulation for client workouts.


Design Architects: ARAPC, GDSNY

Lighting Designer: Innovate Lighting Consultants

Photo Credit: Nigel Barker

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