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Hayworth Apartments

This 4-story, 12-unit co-living apartment building is located in the neighborhood of Fairfax District in Los Angeles. The area attracts a diverse crowd to its trendy retail shops and restaurants, providing inspiration to the project's exterior with its sleek black metal cladding and subtly orange-tinted windows on the front facade. The unit windows framed in white provide a bold contrast against the black cladding, in tune with the white CMU walls on the ground level against the black brick perimeters of the planters and patios facing the street. The perforated metal balcony railings in silver echo the brick textures below in its patterned openings.

The apartment organizes its co-living community into 12 units, ranging from three to six bedrooms each, attached to common kitchens and living areas. The residents have access to a recreation room on the fourth floor and two communal roof decks open to the sky. These roof decks provide rings of gathering nestled within planted landscape, accompanied by activities for both socializing and relaxing whilst taking in the views of the city.

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