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Jinhai Lake Residence 1

Sleeping Black Dragon House

The client-developer expressed interest in a circular house. The circle has had a great tradition in Chinese architecture. Its shape is efficient and creates a compact, energy efficient house with less surface area exposed to the elements. As we developed the circular scheme, we liked how the plans worked, and the mobius-like interior flows and movements it generated. We also liked how the rooms related to each other — offering both privacy for a potentially multi-generational clientele — yet allowing a casual connection between the various programs. Window and door openings were cut and shaped to take advantage of potential indoor-outdoor relationships as well as the views, adjacent exterior spaces, and the fall of the hillside slopes. As necessary for their orientation, wood shading systems have been integrated to provide a sense of scale and rhythm.

The client was also interested in embracing aspects of traditional architecture. We investigated the modern transformation, hybridization, and application of traditional materials, colors, and textures common to Northern China; all of which are ecologically sensitive and responsive to the light and weather of the Jinhai Lake region as well. The house is built with a concrete core, a hammered bronze exterior wall with wood and glass inserts, and high-performance roofing.

Floor Area: 421 m2
Garage Area: 56 m2
Number of Bedrooms: 4
Number of Bathrooms: 4.5

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