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Monterey Apartments

Co-living is a housing type that has emerged relatively recently. The idea behind co-living is a kind hybrid of two trends which have been increasing in popularity. Co-living seeks to mitigate the loneliness of micro-units a shared communal experience in living often by people who enjoy the proximity of density and the interactions and more intimate relationships this often promotes.

This building seeks to organize these relationships into 13 units, each with 4 small studio bedrooms attached to a common kitchen/living area. Residents are provided with many amenities, including free wifi, power, cable, internet, water, gas, and even furniture alongside group amenities such as a gym, pool, spa, and backyard BBQ deck overlooking the Arroyo Seco.

As the site constraints of this project were extremely confining — with the Arroyo Seco Park to the Northwest and a high-voltage power line immediately adjacent to the building. The building steps down towards the park, and slants away from Monterey Road and Avenue 60 to avoid the power lines. The main building material, Hardi Board Shingles, was inspired by the Victorian shingle
architecture in the very nearby Heritage Park.

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