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Montrose Duplex ADU

Beginning as a garage that housed the client's electric vehicle and its charger, the project grew to encompass the addition of a new 484 square foot loft unit above it to adequately encompass programmatic needs and zoning potentials. In lieu of an addition, this structure was built as an independent unit, thereby doubling the density of the lot without losing its essential detached character an alternative for Los Angeles instead of condo-ization. The clients asked for a building that would embrace concepts of green design. Numerous strategies were integrated toward this end, including solar panels, non-toxic materials, shaded wall and roof surfaces, renewable materials, the elimination of gas as an energy source, the development of stack effects, and increased insulation. The structure is compact squeezed into the remaining space of the lot and its form is manipulated by the site forces imposed on the space such as a large tree and tight parking back-ups which required the structure to twist, fold, and stretch as it rises to maximize solar efficiency.

Recipient of the 2013 AIA California Council Merit Award.

See the feature article at The New York Times T Magazine and Designboom.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Alan Cope

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