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Ohio Apartments

This 18-unit housing complex in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles provides much needed housing, including 3 affordable units, by taking advantage of the Transit Oriented Housing Communities Affordable Housing Incentives. The building stands at 6 stories tall, with a publicly accessible community garden in the front yard, a backyard garden and rec room for the residents, as well as a roof deck that overlooks the entire City and out towards the ocean.

Undulating ribbons of fluted stucco across the facade become small juliette balconies, while adding dramatic architectural detail and shading to the windows below. An open air corridor on the north facade provides cross ventilation through each unit and natural lighting throughout the day. The building's proximity to Westwood Park, the future Westwood/UCLA metro purple line extension, and neighborhood retail on Westwood Blvd makes this an ideal area for dense housing. Rated as a "walker's paradise" and "very bikeable", this location empowers residents to reduce their transportation footprint and contribute to the sustainable development of Los Angeles as a whole.

Click on the first image to play a rendered video of the project.

Video Credit: nephew-la

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