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Overland Apartments

A 16-unit high end multi-family housing project in West Los Angeles, this building takes advantage of the Transit Oriented Communities Affordable Housing Incentives for number of units, FAR, height, parking, side yards, and open space. The project’s location near Santa Monica Blvd. and Westwood Blvd. is predicted to attract many young professionals working in Century City and adjacent neighborhoods, so we focused on using high-quality tactile materials and clean design elements throughout. The facade screen, while acting as an iconic form suggestive of LA’s Art Deco past, is also part of the sustainable design, acting as sun shade and privacy screen for residents in the units facing Overland Ave., which otherwise have floor to ceiling windows across the entire facade. The dark blue, bronze, and wood siding create a rich palette of materials which are continued into the interiors of the unit with glossy melamine cabinetry, brushed gold fixtures and accessories, and wood flooring throughout.

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