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Para Chair

Iteration 1.2. This sideways rocker was produced as part of the Chair for the Page exhibition — a curated collection of custom chairs exhibited in conjunction with artist-made books, giving readers a place to sit to engage with the work more intimately. The concept behind the chair naively enough began with the realization that rocking side to side is often more soothing than back to front. Additionally inspired by upholstery, the chair is infiltrated by "ghosted" buttons which pass through the chair. Stacked plywood was used for its obvious reference to both striped upholstery and the stacked sheets of a book. Analogous to the fact that the shape of a book has nothing to do with the space of the interior, the simple child-like form of the chair tells a more complex interior spatial narrative. The decision to use parametric design tools for its fabrication allows the chair in theory to be modified easily through simple parametric changes which will be studied in future iterations. In this first iteration, the chair was milled largely on a 3-axis milling machine. Future iterations will move to the use of a 5-axis machine. This prototype produced for the exhibition was produced in collaboration with Nima Payan and Machine Histories.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Alan Cope

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