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Sherman Oaks Residence

It is said that architect Joseph Eichler built over 10,000 of his nearly all-glass basilica-roofed houses which first popularized modernism in California. They were so popular that imitators popped up just to satisfy market demands. The clients bought one of these pseudo-Eichlers in desperate need of repair and needed to add space to account for their growing family. They wanted to keep the all-glass spirit of the existing house. To achieve this, all the glass needed to be switched out with high performance insulated panels. Insulation was added to the structure where possible. A new master bedroom suite was positioned just outside of the existing structure and connected with a short hallway, allowing freedom from the confinement of the low roof of the main house. The roof of the addition soars upwards to allow views down the valley from a small writer's perch, and of California sycamores around the property from the bed of the master suite.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Alan Cope

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