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USC: Maldives Studio 

MALE: SHIFTING SANDS was an architecture studio taught by Warren at the University of Southern California in 2013. This studio conducted research that looks past the Republic of the Maldives as a collection of pristine island resorts, and sought to uncover the country's strengths and weaknesses in search of a solution to the country's impending inundation.

The studio addresses foremost the Maldives' predicament of losing their home to rising level of the Indian Ocean. The predicted rate estimates 50 to 100 years before the highest point of the islands, standing at only 1.5 meters above mean high tide, becomes completely submerged. The Maldives, as a developing country, also must deal with their failing infrastructure and lack of adequate housing.

The slides here are selected from the research compilation as well as student work and projects. Projects were conducted individually, and students specified chosen elements deemed most crucial on both a global and local scale, in addition to a required housing aspect. The strengths of the Maldives, such as fishing and tourism, were used as starting points in generating architecture to accompany schemes that might be used to revive the country.

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