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Wallpaper Residence

Stemming from childhood vacation memories in post-hippie California spent in convivial A-frames, tents, yurts, and modern bungalows, the design begins with the 'great room', a casual space where everyone sleeps, eats, plays games, and hangs out together in one room, though sometimes on different levels. The design explores an interest in the tradition of fabric walls typical of tent structures such as traditional Mongolian yurts, which assure a close relationship with the weather and the natural systems of the world just outside but can be regulated through layering and the peeling back of layers. Set in Sun Valley, Idaho a place where luxury yurt expeditions have a keen following this vacation home begins by using layers of high performance ETFE insulated skin as an enclosure with a final skin of Merimekko fabric lining the inside.

See Wallpaper* Magazine's photo shoot here.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Alan Cope

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